Unique Grill Cleaner Surface Cleaner 32 oz.

by Unique
$ 18.00
Unique's 32 oz.Grill Cleaner works using a Patent-Pending formulation that is safe, yet works as effectively as the solvent cleaners. Can be used safely on garages, outdoor eating areas, factory floors, equipment, sport complexes, buildings, decks and patios. Cleans grease and oil from driveways, garage floors, basements and sidewalks. Cleans concrete and asphalt. Cleans outdoor furniture. Cleans equipment and tools. Eats baked on grime from gears and old metal. Eats packing oil and grease from new equipment and machinery. Eats oil, grease and gas from bilge areas. Works like a solvent cleaner but is non-volatile, non-flammable, non-caustic and non-acidic. Unique's Grill Cleaner works using a Patent-Pending formulation. It contains a blend of microbes that break down oily compounds left by vehicles and the products used to maintain them. The benefits include having a cleaner, healthier facility with less effort. Eliminates chemical odors making your facility cleaner and fresher for you, your customers or family.

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