Bissell 203-1009 Filter, Exhaust 3545 3590

by Bissell
$ 3.99

The Bissell 203-1009 exhaust filter set comes complete with both the HEPA Filter and Post-Motor Filter. The Post-Motor filter provides you with outstanding filtration to make sure clean air is returned into the room. You can access this filter to replace it by locating the door on the side of the vacuum cleaner. It is not recommended to wash either of these filters, but instead to replace once they become dirty. It is especially important to not wash the white, pleated HEPA media filter. Specifications: The Bissell HEPA filter and post-motor filter set is compatible with the following model cleaners: 

  • 21K3 Series CleanView Helix Deluxe Vacuum
  • 22C1 Series CleanView Helix Plus Vacuum
  • 95P1 & 82H1 Model CleanView Helix Vacuum
  • 35961 Model CleanView Revolution Deluxe
  • 20Q9, 3574, 3576, 3590, 73G8 & 8990 Series CleanView Bagless
  • 35766 Model CleanView II Plus Bagless Vacuum
  • 35762 Model CleanView II Special Edition Vacuum
  • 35741 Model CleanView II Vacuum
  • 62X5 PowerClean Rewind Vacuum
  • 3537, 3525 & 3530 Series PowerForce Vacuum
  • 46E5 & 71Y7V Model PowerForce Vacuum
  • 3545 & 6592 Series PowerGlide Platinum Vacuum
  • 6591 Model PowerTrak Revolution Upright Vacuum
  • 18M9W Model Rewind CleanView Pet Vacuum
  • 84G9 Model Rewind PowerHelix Vacuum

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