CycloVac Carbon Dust Filters TDFILHEC2

by CycloVac
$ 22.95

The Cyclovac TDFILHEC2 includes 2 carbon dust filters for CycloVac central vacuum units.

Designed specifically for the High Efficiency series, the carbon dust filter collects fine black dust produced by the motor of your central vacuum. Fits all models except: GS70, GS75, GS90, GS95, GS110, GS115, GS200, GS210, GS215, GS615, GS110 Hair Jet, E100, E101, E105 Special, E105 Limited, E210, E215, E615, DL140, DL1540, DL210, DL300, DL615, GX210, GX710 De Luxe, H215, H615 and HX615.

**Recommended replacement every 6 months.

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