Electrolux EL211 Ultra Long Performance S-Bag EL7070A (3 Bags + 1 Filter)

by Electrolux
$ 19.99
If you're looking for the best of the best, then look no further than the EL211 Ultra Long Performance S-Bags by Electrolux. Not only are they made by Electrolux, so you know they will be the best for your vacuum, but they are also double the size of a standard bag, allowing you to go for multiple cleanings without having to think about changing the bag. The premium synthetic material filters out dust and airborne particles .3 microns and larger, which is perfect for allergy sufferers. Multi-layer synthetic construction allows air to flow through the bag ensuring full power suction without tearing the bag. Never worry about the dreaded dust cloud after removing the bag again, as the Patented closure system makes changing your bag cleaner, quicker and more hygienic. This 3 pack also comes with a pre-motor filter, reminding you to replace it every 3 bags.

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