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Fred's Citrus Clean  Aerosol 19 oz.

Fred's Citrus Clean Aerosol 19 oz.

Fred's Fine Cleaning Products

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Fred's Citrus Clean is formulated with orange citrus solvents, it comes out in a foam that is easy to control, and deodorizes as it cleans. Simply spray and wipe. It removes grease, scuff marks, soot, smoke film, oil, lipstick, crayon marks, dirty hand prints from walls, doors, and switch plates. Fred's Citrus Clean is safe on all hard washable surfaces and is great for general cleaning around the house. Great for safely cleaning and degreasing cook-tops, stove tops including metal grates, hoods and stainless steel appliances prior to polishing with Fred's Stainless Steel Polish. Wonderful citurs scent Easy spray and wipe clean formula Formulated with natural orange citrus solvents Contains NO chlorinated solvents

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