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Fuller Brush Tidy-Maid Upright Vacuum  FBTM-BW

Fuller Brush Tidy-Maid Upright Vacuum FBTM-BW

Fuller Brush

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Ideal for all carpet types, the high-performance Fuller Brush Tidy-Maid Vacuum uses a powerful 12-amp motor withenough suction to clean your entire home. Its self-adjusting powerhead automatically adjusts to sufficiently clean all types of carpeting—from thick pile to throw rugs. A 30-foot long power cord and 2-foot attachable wand help give this upright vacuum the reach to clean just about any place in your home. In addition, it's equipped with advanced HEPA filtration to rid your home of unwanted dust particles and allergens. HEPA Filtration The Fuller Brush Tidy-Maid comes equipped with HEPA filtration, which is particularly popular for allergy-sufferers and pet owners. This advanced HEPA filter and bagged system captures up to 99.97% of allergens and dust down to .3 microns. Other vacuums simply remove dirt from your space, but this filtration system allows for a true clean—and its bag ensures these particles stay inside your vacuum and out of your air. On-Board Tools While some upright vacuums only clean floors, this model comes with an on-board tool kit to clean hard-to-reach areas like drapes, blinds, ceilings, behind furniture, tabletops, stairs, and more. The Fuller Brush Tidy Maid comes with a telescopic wand, stretch hose, dusting brush, and crevice tool. Self-Adjusting Design The Fuller Brush Tidy-Maid Upright Vacuum Cleaner comes with an automatic self-adjusting brush roll. The brush roll height automatically adjusts to clean various carpet heights. This self-adjusting feature allows the vacuum to glide evenly over all carpet types and means you won't have to make any manual adjustments as you clean. Additional Features Durable Metal Brushroll: A metal brush roll provides years of reliable service for all types of carpet. 30-Foot Cord: A long cord allows you to clean multiple rooms without unplugging and plugging the cord. Edge-Cleaning Feature: It provides improved cleaning of carpet right up to the walls and stationary furniture. Furniture Protector: The powerhead is surrounded with a .5-inch soft rubber strip so you can remove dirt close to baseboards and furniture without fear of leaving behind scuffs and scratches. Thermal Fuse Protector: Protects your vacuum from overheating due to restricted airflow caused by blockages. Reclining Handle: Allows you to reach far under furniture ensuring no floor surface remains untouched. Headlight: This useful light reveals dust and dirt under furniture and in shadows.