Unique Natural Marine Digest It Holding Tank Treatment 32 oz. 441

by Unique
$ 12.95
Take a whiff of the fresh air, not your holding tank- Marine Digest It liquifies the contents of your boat holding tanks, while eliminating odors- Marine Digest It uses safe bacteria and enzymes to do what many harsh chemicals cannot- It Holding Tank Treatment is a green product that packs a powerful punch- Using billions of healthy bacteria, It will turn everything in your holding tanks into liquid, including household toilet paper- This inexpensive and effective natural cleaning product completely eliminates odors and clogs in your boats holding tanks and make pump-outs a breeze- It is also a great solution for ridding your bilge area of odors- If youre earth conscious, youll never have to sweat about putting harsh chemicals in your tank again- Every ingredient in Marine Digest-It is safe for humans, animals and the environment- Youll love this product, we guarantee it-Features- Unclogs holding tanks overnight-- Deodorizes holding tanks and cleans sensors-- Eats bilge oil, fish oil, and blood-- Safe for your family and pets-- Allows you to use any brand of toilet paper

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