Fred's Five Star Glass Cleaner 1 gallon

by Fred's
$ 13.99

Fred's Five Star Glass Cleaner does not streak or smear and out performs all other glass cleaners. It is an ammonia free formula that utilizes biodegradable corn-derived alcohol, biodegradable surfactants, and food grade coloring. Great for windows, mirrors, and screens on electronics like phones and TV/LCD displays. Safe on acrylic, plastic and window tint. This is the best liquid glass cleaner you will ever use!

  • No streak formula
  • Excellent for cleaning show cases, mirrors, windows, windshields, lenses, glazed tile and any glass or glazed surfaces
  • Ready to use
  • Dirt and grease cutting additives
  • Safe non-ammoniated formula

128 fl. OZ/ 1 Gallon or 32 fl. oz/1 Quart

 Directions: Spray fine mist onto surface and wipe it off immediately with microfiber glass towels to insure maximum cleaning. When cleaning LCD screens, spray Fred’s Five Star Glass Cleaner directly onto the screen and wipe screen, to avoid moisture from entering into casing. For heavy dirt build up, such as exterior windows pre-clean with microfiber towel.

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