Riccar Vacuum Belts SupraLite Series ULW-B2 / RBS-2

by Riccar
$ 10.99

This belt replaces R20B-2 and RBS-2 packages and fits these vacuum cleaners:

  • Cordless SupraLite R10CV - uses RLH-6 bags
  • SupraLite R10 Series R10S and R10D models - uses RLH-6 bags
  • SupraLite R10 Series R10E - uses RFH-6 bags
  • SupraLite R10 patriotic USA models
  • SupraLite RSL1, RSL3 and RSL4 models
  • SupraLite RSL patriotic USA models
  • SupraLite RSL1AC and RSL3C models
  • Prima Tandem Air Deluxe Power Nozzle
  • Volt electric power nozzle

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