Sebo Service Box X Series 5828AM

by Sebo
$ 69.99

The Sebo's filtration system ensures high filtration to remove dust, dirt, and allergy-causing particles without recirculating it into the living areas. The SEBO Automatic X Series Vacuum Cleaner Service Box includes 10 SEBO Automatic X Series Vacuum Cleaner bags, a micro hygiene filter, sealing strip, and an exhaust filter.  See detailed descriptions below.

 Filter Bags
The Automatic X Series of vacuums will switch themselves off automatically if they are jammed, blocked, or if the bag is full. Once located on the holder, the bag will load into the machine automatically, simply by your closing the cover. Which allows the user an easy quick way to change the bags of the Sebo Automatic X.

Micro Hygiene Filter
Micron Filtration is designed to capture particles down to 1 micron.

Sealing Strip
The sealing strip on the bottom of the machine stops the kickback of dirt and channels the airflow through the remaining three sides, increasing the cleaning performance.

Exhaust Filter
The SEBO X-series machines come standard with an extremely efficient 3-stage filtration system. The exhaust air has been independently proven to meet the S-Class filtration standard of 99.9% to 0.3 microns. For particles of 1 micron and larger the filtration rate is 100%. Tests by the British Allergy Foundation have shown that these SEBO vacuums produced zero levels of detectable airborne dust mite allergen.

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