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CycloVac Bags and Filter Set TDSAC83C

CycloVac Bags and Filter Set TDSAC83C


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Bags and carbon dust filter kit for CycloVac central vacuum power units GS310, GS710, GX310, GX710, GX2010. This kit includes 3 heavy duty electrostatic filter bags and 1 carbon dust filter. These 3 notch bags are sewn to make them stronger. Our patented carbon dust filter captures the fine black dust produced by the carbon brushes in the motor of your power unit. GS310, GS710, GS715, GS2010, GS2015, GX310, GX500, GX700 HEPA, GX710, GX710 HEPA, GX710 Extra with bag, GX715, GX900, GX900 HEPA, GX2010, GX2015, H715, H2015

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