Vacuflo Power Unit DB9000

by Vacuflo
$ 1,699.00
  • 22,000 sq ft
  • 6 Gallon Capacity
  • Dual Motor 240v
  • Requires 30a Dedicated Receptacle
  • 903 Max Air Watts
  • 208 Sealed Vacuum
  • 122 CFM
  • 70 Dba Sound Level
  • Includes 2 Electrostatic Bags #9520
  • Built-In Carbon Dust Filter
  • Dimensions: 13" Dia. x 42" 
  • 52 lbs

Vacuflo's newest power unit line is made up of Electrostatic Disposable Bags which provide ultimate filtration and offers relief to allergy asthma sufferers. The end-user will no longer have to come into contact with the dirt when emptying the canister. Now they simply pull out the bag, seal the opening, throw it away and replace. No mess, no tools, no kidding!  Can be used with the retractable Hide-A-Hose system. 

***This power unit is not to be shipped outside specified dealer territory***


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