Vaculine Universal Inlet Valve

by Vaculine
$ 10.00

The Vaculine 5590 is a universal, full door, central vacuum system inlet door. This universal inlet style fits most systems and can be used for new homes or to upgrade most older inlets with an attractive clean look. The 5590 inlet is all vinyl with a metal spring door closure and long life silicone closure gasket. Easy to open and easy to use with a full 180° door.

•Universal inlet, also called a standard connect or low-volt inlet.

•For use with both non-electric and universal dual-volt (pig-tail) type hoses.

•Uses 2 spring mounted contact pins inside the inlet opening.

•The valve face is 3.5" wide by 5.25" high.

•Inlet opening measures 1-17/32" inside diameter.

•Inlet opening tapers to 1-15/32" inside to accomodate 1.5" hoses.

•Requires steel mounting bracket (not included) for new installations.

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